Friday, April 2, 2010


Today we finally changed our front garden from a landscaping disaster into a lovely little succulent garden! Ian did all the work, but I provided artistic direction. We can't all be laborers, right? All the plants came from a wonderful place called Viveros de Coyoacan, a permanent plant/ garden implement establishment in a southern neighborhood. Fingers crossed that these thrive!

The necessary before picture. It looked like a moonscape for months!

And the much improved after picture!

These are the cacti and succulents that went in to the improvement!

Shots of some of the special succulents that went into the garden....

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  1. Love the garden, Molly and Ian! We've been doing a fair bit of gardening the past few weeks, and I just put in my vegetable garden yesterday. Whew--yard work is hard. :) Rob says hello. He likes the scruffy puppy. Hope to see y'all before long.