Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Puebla, September 26 and 27

We started eating as soon as we got into town, and we'll go back for more! From the top, this is chile en nogada (green pepper stuffed with almonds, meat, peaches, pears, and apples and covered in a cream sauce and pomegranate seeds), chalupas, and the famous mole poblano, a savory chocolate sauce on chicken breast. It was sublime.

Ian tried the shrimp-beer cocktail. It needed more Worcestershire sauce or less shrimp.

There were mountains of balloons for sale in all shapes and sizes.

The cathedral at night.

Angels around the cathedral.

Mausoleum of General Zaragoza, hero of the battle of Cinco de Mayo. The famous battle took place in Puebla in 1862 and pitched 2000 irregular Mexican troops against about 6000 French troops.

Yellow church tower. Puebla has a beautiful, colorful church/ convent/ monastery in almost every block in the historic center.

Mexico City photos

Mexico City Turibus excursion. The Centro Historico is giant and lively, and Mexico had just celebrated its 199 years of independence from Spain three days before we were there.

Dancers in the Zocalo (main plaza). They made a fabulous sound and kept dancing for hours.

Plaza de las ranas - frogs were very important apparently. There's also a giant snake head behind the second frog. The conquistadores forced the natives to take apart their temples and used the stone blocks for cathedrals.

A sacrificial altar in Templo Mayor.

Bas-relief prayer bench in the Templo Mayor.

Sculpted skulls on an altar in the Templo Mayor.

Lunch on the rooftop terrace is a super posh restaurant.

World's cutest husband on top of the cathedral!

The bells in the cathedral tower. The red-white-green is for Mexican Independence Day, 9-16. Next year is 200 years of post-colonial Mexico AND 100 years since the Mexican Revolution!

The Palacio de Bellas Artes and Ballet Folklorico

The Angel - an awesomely powerful landmark.


At long last we have the camera and the cord. Here are some photos of our lovely house - these don't begin to do it justice!

Our front door and garden. We are holding that cedar tree prisoner until enough people come to visit!

Living room/ backyard

View from upstairs

The cats settling in.