Saturday, April 12, 2014

More Bertie!

We're back in Haiti and gearing up to wind down, odd though that sounds! Bertie was a trooper on the flights and didn't cry at all. Now we're figuring out how to handle the heat and the air conditioning....

This one's pretty self-explanatory!

Super clean surrender baby!

Bertie loves his tummy time...

But it still takes a lot out of him!

Pretty baby blue eyes!

Now that he can get his head up, he can make funny faces at the blankets. I anticipate great things.

Dinosaur surrender baby! This is Bertie's preferred daytime sleeping position.

Now that we're back in Haiti, we can get some of our fabulous new toys out. He loves his activity mat and all the dangling animal toys!

I finally got his sweet little smile!

And a half/ double smile with the mirror.