Monday, February 21, 2011


Amanda (a dear friend from Fletcher) came to visit over President's Day weekend, and we did several things with her we've meant to do for quite a while. First on the list (and only photographic evidence) was the Museo de Arte Popular!

We (finally) visited the Museo de Arte Popular - the popular (as in people's) art museum. The first thing you see walking in is this VW Beetle, done over in Huichol bead art. Huichol art (and presumably the people) come from the state of Jalisco, home to Guadalajara and heart-center of Cuervo's tequila.

Made in Jalisco!

The inside view. Note the steering wheel!

Even the hubcaps were decorated.

After Amanda left, we bathed the cats and the dog - unpleasant but necessary! Hugo and Sammy got to go into the yard on their harnesses to dry off and warm up.

Hugo is a cat who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life: the sun on his tummy is pure bliss!

Sammy is more reserved in his appreciation of the sunshine, but he's a believer all the same!