Saturday, March 27, 2010


Late March Part 0

It's been a good long time since we updated the old blog. We've been busy with work and guests, and quite frankly we're just not that good about the whole daily blog thing. Mexico City is finally getting warmer, and we're looking forward to summer. Guita is getting really big, and she's getting smarter all the time. She's completely mastered "sit" and we're closing in on "give a paw" and "down."

Note that Blogger was not cooperative this time around, so the post is actually in three sections: Late March Part 0, I, and II. Enjoy!

Portrait of self and spouse at speed on the twirly ride!

Hugo loves tunnel boxes.

Posing for her glamour shots....

Yoga pup!!

After a bath - very traumatic - Guita always needs some down time with loofa puppy and her best green blanket. She's still a baby!

Guita and her best girlfriend Mica love to play. Mica has a nice squeaky toy with ropes that really got them going the other day!

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