Saturday, March 27, 2010


Late March Part I

Guita and Mica love to run and wrestle!

My mother was showing Guita the pictures on her camera. Guita is a super techie hound....

We saw Aztec dancers at Teotihuacan. It was more crowded than we thought possible (around the equinox, I suppose it makes some sense), and most of the Mexicans there were dressed all in white for spring. It was pretty wild, and we won't go again on Sunday or on a equinox/ solstice!

The big church in Cholula is Our Lady of Remedies. This church - like many others in Mexico - was built from materials taken from pre-Columbian temples and pyramids. This church sits on top of the remains of the largest pyramid in the Americas and the second largest in the world. Cholula is rumored to have one church for every day of the year, but we didn't see them all.

The view of Cholula from the Cholula church on top of the wrecked pyramid. The two mountains are Popocatepetl (Popo) and Itzaccihuatl (Itza). Popo is active and blowing steam in the photo. Mexico city is on the other side of the mountains; the picture is looking NW.

Ian at the Cholula church. I cleverly traded him my cardigan for our camera! I'm a wheelin' and dealin' kind of diplomat!

Vicki and David at the Cholula church.

Puebla - the city of angels! This is a detail from the fence around the cathedral. See previous Puebla posts (September/ October 2009) for more angels.

It's jacaranda season in central Mexico!

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