Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pet update!

The pets are doing well. Guita is now spayed and her little hernia is fixed. The vet also fixed her teeth, and she's feeling really good. The cats are doing well, but they're ready for some lap time. They do not so much approve of long weekends where we travel!

Sammy is a world-class napper. He loves the back of the couch with a comfy blanket when Ian's lap is unavailable.

Hugo prefers less orthodox sleeping conditions, but he's happy like this!

Guita makes a wish in the fountain on our patio. She's kind of in love with the hose, and she's always thirsty.

Guita shows off her beautiful tag. She wears it proudly and clinks it against her water bowl at night so we know she's still with us!

Sammy and Hugo enjoy some sunshine and fresh grass in their new Christmas tags!!

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  1. I thinkit is about time for a new pet update, would love to see how big guita is or should I say how big she got