Thursday, June 28, 2012

Old Rag

In mid-May a group headed out to climb Old Rag, supposedly one of the prettiest hikes in the Shenandoah region. We started out in light clouds in Arlington, and by the time we got to Shenandoah, it was completely socked in! For most of the hike, we couldn't actually see much further than the edge of the trail; the world just dropped away in swirling white. It was spectacular and tough.

Looking up the first steep narrow part. It was child's play compared to the second steep narrow part. We didn't even manage to get pictures of the second steep narrow part because it was too horrible!

This is looking back down the first steep narrow part.

This is Amanda getting ready for the second really steep really narrow part. Note the masses of humanity behind her head: we waited for about 40 minutes to get through.

We ate lunch at the top of Old Rag, overlooking one of the prettiest views in Virginia. It was so densely foggy that we couldn't actually see off the edge of the rocks we were sitting on, and wisps of fog drifted between us during lunch.

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