Saturday, March 17, 2012

Great Falls

One winter-ish afternoon in January, we took Guita to Great Falls for a little hike. It was my first time too, and we had a great time. Great Falls is the Potomac River's last big push through mountains before it hits the Chesapeake flatlands, and the waterfall shows the intensity of the river. Guita liked it too.

Great Falls landscape, part 1. This is the quintessential view of the waterfall. It's a lot of river that passes through a pretty narrow channel. It would be something to see at leaf changing season, but we've heard the crowds make it quite unpleasant at weekends. Maybe next time we're in town it will work out!

Great Falls landscape, part 2. This is the lower view of the falls, and the sun even tried to come out!

And the amazing Von Zaurunyons themselves! There's not much we like better these days than blocking up a perfectly good photo with our bright and smiling faces!

Adventure Dog models her world peace-and-love collar and leash set. She loves hiking, but she hates stopping for pictures. Too bad for her we've got the upper hand!

Rushing water.... It's really an amazing force to push through rock and mountains.

Ahh, stagnant water. How beautifully you reflect the sky and the forest around you! Bummer 'bout the mosquitoes you'll produce this summer!

And after all that hiking, she has to share her bed with the cat! It's a dog's life.

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